I am...

I am ...

A classic. (I've been saving this one)

Whatever you are doing, whoever you are, this mantra is everything.

What you wish to see in yourself, you call forth. You practice what you preach and you move ahead happily step by step.

Imagine what characteristics to hope and dream for your little one, and consider what it would mean to you. Model these characteristics yourself and believe them.

As a mother, I dream for my daughter to be self-aware, self-loving, self-respecting, confident, strong, empathetic, compassionate and mindful.

I dream that I will accurately display these characteristics for my daughter with a certainty that this will allow us the best way to connect and grow together.

I will breath deeply and consciously.

I will watch and listen with my heart. I will show balance between work and play and will allow myself the space I wish to give to Zinnia. Evolving through this journey, together as a team.

For that reason, today, I am self-aware I am self-loving I am self-respecting I am confident I am strong I am empathetic I am compassionate I am mindful

And tomorrow, I'll be exactly who I choose to be as well.

Show love, grow love

Happy Living Parents