Engaging a Toddler With No Toys

When you are taking your little one(s) on the road, there can often be this overwhelming feeling of "do I have enough stuff?!" (Even though, the diaper bag is packed so full you can't close it, and your purse has turned into diaper bag number two).

The idea of travelling to a place with no kids, can be even more worrisome. They won't have all the "back up stuff" you were banking on while packing.

My daughter and I will be on the road for almost two weeks visiting family out of town. We are in the middle of some big transitions in her routine but we will make it work! Sticking to the big changes and making things as consistent as you can is everything. So far so good.

Activity wise, I managed to find all this great stuff to keep her occupied and engaged for a long time. Colours and shapes have been our theme lately. In an indirect way.

Blokus (an older kid-adult game) had great colour trays of awesome shapes that Zinnia chose to sort with the cups and bowls, place on the tray to make bigger shapes, and she even pretended to make a house!

Often times, putting together a random assortment of anything new will engage your toddler, even for a few minutes.

Try to make as few suggestions as possible and watch them try to find multiple uses and purposes for the stuff you can find.

You can make anything work, if you just go looking for it.

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