Befriending a Worm

Pushing your worm in your swing, and stopping every so often to say "hi!"

Meet Solomon.

Solomon is a spirited toddler who absolutely loves adventuring outside with his mindful mama.

When they aren't singing songs together or playing a game they are exploring nature and all its life forms.

This is a simple mindful moment of Solomon who decided to put his new friend on his swing and give him a ride. He kept stopping to say "hi" and check-in on his new friend. The swing is so fun, you too would want to share the fun with a new friend, right?

And yes, there is actually a lil worm in there.

When they were all done showing their new friend the swing, they brought him back to his home in the earth under a rock. How wonderful is that?

His mindfulness and compassion are something to be admired!

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