Science Play

Science Opportunities are all over our homes and are a great way to develop our child's critical thinking skills, problem solving, deduce reasoning and so much more!

Yesterday we created a colour laboratory.

This can be done in MANY ways, with bubbles, all different types of containers (i.e. mason jars, ice cube trays, etc.), mixing utensils (i.e. measuring spoons, measuring cups, stir stick, etc.), different liquids (i.e. milk or oil, etc.). The possibilities are endless!

We chose to mix colours in clear jars and Zinnia went on to make purple with her red and blue water!

This activity can be changed for all different ages, babies can play between two coloured bins with a sink or float theme, up to preschoolers examining melting coloured ice cubes in warm water.

Make it your own, and it can be a new activity each time with all new lessons.

Developmental Lessons Include: Linguistically - learning all kinds of new words like pour, combine, change, add, etc.

Socially & Emotionally - you learn to test your mind and confidently come to conclusions

Cognitively - testing hypothesis and processes of success and failure

Physically - refining those fine motor and even gross motor skills depending on the activity

Creatively - following your instincts to lead you to further explorations or patterns, etc.

Science activities can be following tracks of an animal and discussing the process of hunting and gathering food or what happens when you jump in a puddle.

Science fun is a lot of paying attention to those mindful moments and simply taking note!

Show love, grow love

Happy Learning Parents