Find the Teachable Moment

Find the Teachable Moment

In every let down, disappointment, loss or grievance, as adults we are always told to "find the lesson" or asked "what did you learn from this experience?".

Great advice.

We should all try to find that lesson in the "bad" because it helps us grow as individuals, it further develops our self-awareness & opens up a part of us we might not of known. It can bring out things like courage, perseverance, confidence and strength.

So, why not ingrain this tactic from the beginning with our children?

When a toy breaks, is there another way to play with it? Maybe we learned some toys need gentle hands?

It is about a mentality where we realize we coexist with our children. They don't need to be yelled at or shown disappointment for breaking the toy, they need the lesson to learn from it!

Coexisting with our children and treating them as an equal from day one, allows them to grow and coexist beside us. Thriving and flourishing and taking in all that you do together, mindfully. Such as our momtra: finding the teachable moment.

When they're really young, it's about how you model learning the lesson. When they grow older you begin to talk about it and when they're even older you can guide them to finding the lesson themselves and so on.

Self-growth is always healthy. So feed it to your kids!

Show love, grow love

Happy Monday Parents