Talk it out and Re-direct

Talk it out and Re-direct.

For the holidays we are either at other people's homes OR having lots of people in our own home. This momtra is the BEST way to diffuse any situation.

If your little one isn't listening or getting into something they shouldn't (which is insanely easy in anyone else's home but yours) it takes two seconds and a little mindfulness to quickly point out the visual reasons why they shouldn't do what they're doing and with a calm voice have it be explained. Speaking from a place of mutual respect and understanding.

Sounds to good to be true? It's not!

A quick convo paired with redirecting to something they can do is the best way to get a little mind interested in something new. You may need to engage in the new activity for a minute to really sell them on it, but this works.

The alternative: ripping them away and saying no which does two things: 1. No means "keep doing it, now it's even more fun" to most kids and 2. Would you like a giant coming out of nowhere and ripping you away from whatever your doing? Probably not! So I'd freak out and scream too!

So let's be conscious parents! Take the extra minute to talk it out and redirect and you will see the magic happen!

Show love, grow love

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