Mindful Parenting Starter Package

Mindful Parenting Starter Package


A head-start on parenting! 


This package includes all the ages and stages of the early years. With a section for each stage, this package offers any new parent a crash course on how your baby is developing, the types of activites you might focus on for each stage and how you can deepen your connection to your child and expand your role as a parent. 


This package outlines each area of development, for each stage, and allows a parent to stay on track with their child's rapid growth! 


This package is ideal for a parent looking to maximize their role as a parent and learn all about how their child is developing and what they might do to encourage a happy and healthy growing baby. 


    Want to know a bit more about how your baby is developing and what you might be able to do to encourage that development? Then this package is for you! 


    A head-start crash course on parenting mindfully. For those looking to learn about parenting, deepen their connection to their child and submerge themselves in their role as a parent.


    No refunds will be accepted on this package.