The work of Dr. Shefali is like no other when it comes to the field of conscious parenting. Dr. Shefali seamlessly outlines what it means to live consciously, model mindfulness while honoring your child's spirit. Her most recent book, The Awakened Parent has been regarded as the most influential book for parent's today! 

Cathy Cassani Adams is the co-host of my favourite podcast Zen Parenting Radio. Cathy is a refreshing and authentic look into living a life fueled by self-awarness and how this can help any parent navigate a mindful and compassionate experience with parenting.

Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson eloquintly and clearly outline understanding a child's brain, how it develops and how to best understand what is happening within them. From toddler tantrums to teen battles Dan and Tina give readers the tools to work together with their children on overcoming obstacles while better preparing your child to understand their own emotions. A must read for any parent!

If you are looking for meditation exercises and ways to connect to your pregnancy and beyond, this is the book for you! This book is a beautiful journey inward and gives every woman the natural tools to practice being their best selves while soaking in every aspect of the experience of parenthood. The author is the world renowned Gurmukh who has been running a pre-natal women's meditation retreat for over 30 years!

Kira Willey has mastered the art of translating yoga to children. This book is amazing and has enough options that any child will find something that resonates with them. Such a great resource to use with your kids!