About Krista 

I am a mother, educator, partner, daughter, sister, aunt and early years enthusiast. The women in my family have been specializing in the early years for 3 generations! Connecting to babies and beyond is what we do!


While teaching I saw a gap in what parents knew about their developing child, and what we the educators knew.


I saw a problem, and I felt compelled to fix it. 


Since teaching in multiple countries, with almost 2 decades of experience under my belt, I have fulfilled my passion to inspire and encourage each child and allow them to unveil their spark, at their pace, to the world around them.


By bridging the gap of information and providing parents and families with the pertinent information that is early childhood development, families begin to understand each other. Learning to communicate effectively and efficiently. In doing so, they better understand themselves and the parents they can be.


Since starting C.A.M.P.S. I have had the pleasure of meeting many families and many wonderful children and sharing what I've learned over the years. With almost 2 decades of experience with children I feel honoured to of spent so much time with so many incredible kids. 


I look forward to meeting many more families and children along this path and cannot wait to spread this exciting and immensly fulfilling knowledge. 


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